Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Master/slave Contract

    After spending so much time on this contract I find it a waste to not share it for others to
at least use as a template. I hope you like it and improve upon it for your own use.

         This is an agreement entered into by a Master and his slave. To state the boundaries in which the relationship shall function and be effective.
Article One;  CONTROL
 Section One:     The Master must have total control over his slave for a Master/ slave relationship to function. The Master must though respect that the slave has an option to say no, and face a consequential  punishment instead. Master will give lead way to his slave as he see’s fit to handle daily life and situations.
       slave must realize that only through giving themselves to their Master can they truly ever be a slave. slaves must trust their Masters completely freely giving their heart, mind, and body to their Master.
 Section Two:   Master must also respect a slaves job and career and never do anything to risk that. He must also respect her right to be a slave in private and not make her lose face with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and such. In essence this relationship must remain as private as possible for slave’s sake.
Section Three:    The Master and slave must keep into mind the spirit of the life style. A loving relationship full of happiness, friendship, and love will be the basis of this relationship. The Master/slave relationship must stay in tact for duration of relationship and will not stop at any age.
Master must not mis-use this control in any way, slave is free to object to a task, practice, or punishment. But only after the
offense has occurred. (Except for the NO-GO’s that have been    pre-agreed upon in this contract.)
                                                            Page 1
Article Two :   Punishments 
  Section One:    The Master has to exercise the ability to lovingly retain the control that their slave must give over too them.  As such punishments must be in place to deal with those slaves who would decide that their will supersedes that of their master.
  Section Two:    Punishments must be at the discretion of the master. However master should keep in mind that punishing for the fun of punishing can kill the spirit of the Master/slave relationship. However slaves should realize that during the first Break-In year, punishing will be fairly normal as they adjust to the life-style.
Slaves that enjoy punishment sometimes may decide to opt for the punishment. But slaves should keep in mind that not following your orders on a regular basis, does kill the spirit of the master/slave relationship.
Article Three :      NO-GO’s. and Hard Limits 
  Section One:      A  NO- GO is a term that reefer's to things that BOTH Master and slave agree will not be on the table to
explore.  These are the agreed upon No-Go’s,
                                  a;  No Bringing of Blood, Blood Play.
                                  b;  No intimidation with knives, guns,  
                                       or weapons.
                                  c;  No Scat play at all.
                                  d;  No Bestiality
                                  e;  No Bringing in outside people
                                  f;   No extremely risky physical or illegal 
                                  g;   No Permanent marks, unless a tattoo
                                        both agree to. 
                                  i;    No Clothes Pins 
   Section Two:      Hard Limits is a term to describe things that a slave would rather not do or is uncomfortable doing at the moment. The Master has the right to either do these things or chose not to do them. They might even save them for an extreme level 3 punishment.  But Master knows that slave is uncomfortable in these areas and will try to keep the slave’s feelings in consideration. Those are right now as follows;
                                   a;  Feet Play (Masters feet only)
                                   b;  Water sports  (Urine)
                                                          Page 2   
                                  c;    light breath control
                                  d;    torture of any sort
         All other items must be explored and decided to add to list. Since slave is not allowed a decision making process on what master can do with his property, she may not add to list, just beg Master to listen to her feelings and appeal to him.
Article Four:   Punishment Levels
  Section One:    It is not in the Spirit of the life style to write down all of the punishments that may be given to a slave for disobedience or training. Not knowing is part of the punishment. But there will be Three Levels of Punishment. They are listed below.
     a;  Level One-  Light punishment that could include a basic
                             task that the slave that might make them feel
                             slightly self-conscious or pain might also be
   b;  Level Two-   A more heavy punishment that could 
                            include a heavier task that would make the
                            slave feel more self conscious or humiliated.
                            Moderate pain may also be inflicted.
c; Level Three -  The greatest and harshest punishment.  This
                           punishment will give great humiliation to a
                           slave.  Or give severe pain.  Pain will most
                           likely be given through three hard licks with
                           a paddle, but other methods may also be used.
 Ending Summary; The slave belongs to the Master completely.
    The Master belongs to his slave though love and discipline.
                                                Page 3
 Section One:    In keeping with the traditions of the Master/slave relationship, certain rules have to kept in place while a slave is away from their Master. While rules will vary with Master, Your Master has the following rules for you.
 a: MY slave must never please themselves outside of the  
     1. slave will wake up every morning and play with herself.
        She must take herself halfway to orgasm and stop…..
       SHE MAY NOT GO OFF !!!!!  This is the only time she is
       allowed to play with herself without asking. She must go to
       work horny everyday and only orgasm at her Maters
      2.   When the Master orders her too
 b:   slave will always notify her Master before she is allowed
      to pee or shit, she must inform Mater of what she has to do.
      First pee in the morning, during night, and when unable to
      at work or family, will be only exceptions.
 c:   slave Never wear clothing to bed!!!! If on period, she is
      allowed panties…….
 d.  Master DETEST hard Crusty feet !!!!!, you will keep them
      buffed, nailes cut SHORT, painted ( Must ask for what
      color) and she is not allowed to walk around house without
      at least socks on.
  e.   slave  must take me at least 2-3 minutes of video everyday
       telling me what-ever she wishes to share or do to yourself.
      Master will keep these forever.
  f.    slave must once a week ask her Master where she is eating
       lunch and ask what she is allowed to have.
  e.    slave must cut her cigarette smoking by 25%. Starting
                                             Page 4
f.    slave will face time, skpe, ect with her master nightly. 
g.    slave will come up with a way to please her Master
h.    slaves period is not an excuse to not play !!!!! slave WILL
      do whatever she is asked to do on her period. Blood play
     is NOT on the table.
 i.     slave will follow all orders from her Master at all time.
        Punishments are non- negotiable.
 j.    if a slave refuses her punishment. the Master will punish
       her for three days of silence.
 g.    Slave can use her SAFE WORD at anytime to stop any
ARTICLE 6 :      Long Term Contract and Agreements
 Section One:    Pictures and Videos. The pictures and videos that are taken by or given to the Master of the  slave or containing the slave are always stay the property of the Master to do with as he see’s fit.
   Section Two:    slave, Realizes that this contract is for LIFE. She has Given her Mind, Body, Heart, and freewill over to her Master to own, possess, control, and do with as HE see’s fit until her dying day. Her very life will be put into his hands. He will protect her, love her, cherish her, and she will be his best friend till death. 
MASTER SIGNITURE  ______________________ DATE _______
  slave SIGNITURE  _________________________ 


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